GDG Peshawar in collaboration with UNDP Pakistan brings an energy filled and learning oriented online hackathon to engage developers and create impactful solutions.

Through Flutter, our candidates will create apps that look beautiful and serve a purpose. 

We are encouraging developers to use the power of code and come up with solutions that can help us contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Happy Flutterin'


All teams should have a team name, and be registered with Devpost.

The Devpost team page listing should have the following:

  • The team lead must list a mobile phone number on the teams DevPost page
  • The development tools used to build the project
  • APIs used in the project
  • Any assets used in the project
  • Any libraries used in the project
  • Any components not created at the hackathon
  • All projects should be submitted to the hackathon on DevPost account before the deadline. Failure to submit will result in disqualification.  
  • All projects submitted will be subject to a code-review.  Applications will be checked by code reviewers. All the projects selected by the judges as finalists will be code reviewed to confirm that the code is original work created at the hackathon.

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Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Kashif Taj

Kashif Taj

Judging Criteria

  • User experience, Design & Polish
    Does the user feel immersed? How well designed and polished is it?
  • Innovation & Originality of Idea
    Does the idea or project show creative thinking? Does it stand out from the crowd? Is your idea unique and original? Are there similar mechanics, methods or experiences already out there?
  • Code & Technical Merit
    What is the quality of your code? Was there a technical challenge that was overcome?
  • Artwork/Sound Integration
    Did it add to the overall experience in a novel way?
  • Relevance to the Prize Category
    How does the experience relate to the category it is applied in? Does it capture the essence of that category?

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